Fly zone Trampoline park

Free Jump


Step into the heart of excitement at Fly Zone Trampoline Park with our exhilarating Free Jump attraction. As one of the premier trampoline parks in Hyderabad, we invite you to challenge gravity and experience the adrenaline rush of bouncing on our vast array of huge trampolines. Perfect for all ages, this attraction is a favorite among visitors seeking thrilling jumping games in Hyderabad. Whether you’re enjoying some fun with friends or showcasing your acrobatic skills, Free Jump promises an unforgettable experience at Fly Zone, Hyderabad’s top trampoline park.


Free Jump is one of the most popular games in our Fly Zone Trampoline Park. Challenge the gravity and feel the adrenaline rush while jumping in the court full of huge trampolines. You can use this court to have fun with your friends or show off your acrobatic skills.